Conflict Resolution Thumball 6"

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    The Conflict Resolution Thumball has 32 different conflict resolution or peer mediation questions pre-printed on the panels of the ball. Invite your group to sit or stand in a circle. Read the group a conflict scenario and then ask them to toss the ball around and respond to the questions based on how they would try and resolve the conflict. 

    Conflict Resolution Thumball questions:

    • What is one thing you could have done differently?

    • How would you like to see the conflict resolved?

    • How did you approach the other party?

    • Describe your initial reaction to the conflict.

    • Is there old stuff you are using to fuel this fire?

    • In the grand scheme of things, how important is this conflict?

    • Are you trying to cast blame?

    • What are you doing that is blocking the resolution of this problem?