Conflict Style Profile (Self Discovery Series)

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    Conflict is something we face almost every day, in one form or another. While much of this is minor and can be solved quickly and easily, responding to serious conflict situations is considerably more challenging. This self-assessment will help you discover the conflict style/s you are most likely to use in the majority of conflict situations. The different conflict styles are discussed and interpretative information is included to help you understand and apply each style. A model for identifying any underlying factors that could be impacting on a conflict situation is also provided, as these need to be identified if the real issues are to be resolved. By developing your understanding of both the Conflict Styles and any underlying situational factors, you will increase your ability to identify and apply the style that is most likely to result in an effective resolution in any conflict situation.

    How this instrument is scored

    The assessment contains 30 sets of paired questions, and the individual records on a separate carbon sheet which statement from each pair most reflects their likely behaviour. The scores are then grouped into sub-categories that reflect five general conflict resolution styles.

    These are:

    • Integrating

    • Suppressing

    • Sacrificing

    • Usurping

    • Exchanging

    Scores are plotted on a graph, providing a diagrammatic view of your conflict style. Interpretative data is provided for the five areas, including development suggestions for each which look at whether you want to increase or decrease your use of that particular style.

    A Personal Action Plan is provided in the back of the booklet to help you to commit to the improvement process.