Change Management Effectiveness Profile (Self Discovery Series)


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    Change Management skills help you lead yourself other individuals groups or entire organisations in implementing actions that successfully transform vision into reality. This competency based self-assessment is designed to help you understand more about your ability to anticipate and respond effectively to change. It will assist you to identify your current strengths as well as any areas that require development.

    It deals with responses in seven sub-categories:

    • Proactive thinking

    • Organisation for change

    • Involving others

    • Visualising the future

    • Communicating clearly

    • Breaking from the past

    • Consolidating new learning

    A Personal Action Plan is provided in the back of the booklet to help you commit to the improvement process. Interpretive information on each of the categories is also provided. Whether change is evolutionary (incremental or organic) or transformational (dramatic or step change) this profile is designed to help you build your skills so you can manage the change process more effectively.

    How this instrument is scored

    Each category contains 12 statements scored on a five point scale ranging from 'Almost Never' to 'Almost Always' in order to get an aggregate score which is then plotted on a histogram.

    This method visually shows areas of potential improvement so that efforts to improve change management skills can be concentrated. Interpretive notes are provided for each category as well as notes on the impact that your change management skills have on others and the organisation.

    Although primarily intended (in its paper format) as a self-assessment the questions have been worded so this tool can also be used for 180 or 360-degree feedback (by purchasing extra copies of this booklet - one for each respondent). An online version is also available which provides automated scoring and a comprehensive output report. Please contact us for more information.