Coaching Effectiveness Instrument (Self Discovery Series)

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    Coaching is not a specialist occupation reserved for the few but a vital way of operating for those who are trying to get the best out of their people. It is a key skill which will help you to develop others.In business or in any other organisation in the same way as in sport coaching is fundamentally concerned with helping people to learn to develop themselves.Research has shown that there are seven categories that contribute to good (or ineffective) coaching.

    These are the main factors that will impact on your efforts as a coach:

    •     Empathising ability

    •     Listening skills

    •     Capacity to confront & challenge

    •     Problem-solving ability

    •     Feedback giving skills

    •     Capacity to empower

    •     Mentoring skills

    This competency-based questionnaire has been designed to help you understand more about your relative skills or abilities in each of these critical areas and give you a picture of your overall ability to coach others. This will help you determine where to target your development activities in order to improve your skills.


    How this instrument is scored

    For each category 12 statements are provided. These are scored on a five point scale ranging from 'Almost Never' to 'Almost Always' to provide a score in each category. These scores are plotted on a spider diagram to give a diagrammatic view of the person's coaching effectiveness. The scores for each category are averaged to provide an overall 'Coaching Effectiveness Score'.

    General interpretive information is provided for each of the categories and some simple improvement strategies to start the development journey. A personal action plan is included to help the subject commit to the improvement process. Notes pages are also provided.

    Although primarily intended (in its paper format) as a self-assessment the questions have been worded so this tool can also be used for 180 or 360-degree feedback (by purchasing extra copies of this booklet - one for each respondent). An online version is also available which provides automated scoring and a comprehensive output report. Please contact us for more information.