Assertiveness Style Profile (Self Discovery Series)


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    Assertive people feel empowered. They know their rights and responsibilities in dealing with others and can resist aggressive or manipulative ploys. They are also proactive people who make things happen, rather than just waiting to respond to the words and actions of others. A good definition of assertiveness is: "getting what you want from others without infringing upon their rights". This Assertiveness Style Profile is a self-scoring assessment designed to help you understand your own personal assertive style, preferences and behaviour, and provide a basis for determining how you can adjust your assertiveness style to be more effective in the future.

    A Personal Action Plan is provided in the back of the booklet to help you to commit to the improvement process. Interpretive information on each of the four assertiveness styles is also provided.

    How this instrument is scored

    Responses to 32 questions are recorded on a separate carbon sheet (using a five point scale ranging from 'True for you' to 'False for you') and then grouped into the four sub categories of:

    • Firmly asserting

    • Aggressively controlling

    • Passively observing

    • Warmly proposing

    Scores are plotted on a diagram to represent the individual's assertiveness style. The two intersecting axis on the grid describe the level of energy the person uses (ranging from gentle to strong) in a given situation, while the other axis measures the level of empathy (cool to warm). General interpretive data is provided in the form of descriptions of the four assertiveness styles (including likely body language for each), as well as a table of pros and cons for each style. Also included are direct actions and quotations applicable to each style to assist in understanding differences.