Body Shell Girl

Publication Date: 1 Jun. 2022
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781925950502

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    Reviews and Awards

    Trauma can destroy narrative or it can create a firestorm in Body Shell Girl Rose Hunter has ploughed her memory and her 'radioactive' journals to take us not just inside the debilitating machinations of her time in the sex industry but right inside the experience itself. A highly visceral reading experience that left me body- shocked and reeling. In Body Shell Girl Hunter annihilates misogynist fantasy word by word, page by page.
    Sally Breen, author of The Casuals and Atomic City

    Body Shell Girl is incredible. It is a captivating and honest account of a woman's experiences, thoughts, and feelings in the sex trade. Communicated with authenticity, you feel as if Rose is an old friend by the end of the book: she gives a voice to sisters who are too often unheard.
    Cherry Smiley, from the Nlaka pamux and Diné Nations, founder of Women's Studies Online, Canada

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    When Rose walked into a massage parlour in Toronto in 1997, she was looking for a temporary fix to pay rent and avoid having to go back to her home country of Australia.

    Awkward, shy and looking for a place to belong, she found herself in a strange world she understood little about, other than here she could make more than rent. She planned to use her earnings to buy herself an education that would secure the career of her dreams.

    Naively believing she could do only what was required of her, without trauma or side effects and leave the industry on her own terms, she was shattered by what unfolded.

    Rose's narration does not tell the reader what to think, but rather the reader is called on to consider the implications of what she shows in her poems. The result is a first-person testimony of the sex industry and the harms it produces.

    Other prominent themes include alcoholism and addiction, eating disorders, asexuality, sexual assault, and the deep and lasting effects of trauma. 

    This is her story. It is also a searing portrayal of this dehumanising industry in all its destructive power.