Australia's Environmental Issues: Water

Publication Date: 1 Aug. 2019
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781925860313

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    Water is essential for human life. It is one of the most important resources on the planet and we are rapidly running out of it. Why is Australia experiencing a water crisis and why is it important to conserve and recycle as much water as we can Water explores the problem of water shortage as well as explaining the methods being considered to solve Australia's supply issues for the future. This book also looks at ways we can all help to save water.

    Features of this book include

    Informative and comprehensive text with photographs

    An overview of different types of pollution and what is being done

    Labelled diagrams relevant to the text

    Fact boxes to highlight interesting information

    A resource list for further information

    A glossary and an index

    Australia is currently facing several significant environmental issues. The Australia's Environmental Issues series provides an overview of environmental issues affecting Australians and our environment. Each title in the series outlines the cause of the issue and focuses on solutions.