Australia's Endangered Animals...and Their Habitats: A Focus on Urban Habitats

Publication Date: 1 Feb. 2019
Redback Publishing

ISBN 9781925630794

Format: Hardback

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Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate in the world. Many of our native bird reptile fish and amphibian species are endangered.

AUSTRALIA'S ENDANGERED ANIMALS AND THEIR HABITATS is an exciting new series that takes a look at some of Australia's most threatened animal species and their unique habitats.

Learn about

Dozens of Australia's most vulnerable creatures

The habitats where Australia's animals live feed and breed

Identifying characteristics that make a species vulnerable

Australian and international classification systems

Threats animals face and what is being done to save them

What YOU can do to make difference

Inside each book you'll find current information maps statistics fun facts and photographs. Every book is a valuable resource designed to support Australian students and teachers and meet Australian National Curriculum requirements.