The River Child

Publication Date: 1 Feb. 2022
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781922311474

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    Siobhan has always blamed herself for Elise’s death. Returning to her childhood home, she discovers that the secrets her family kept began a long time before Elise disappeared.

    Siobhan must face the past before she can face the future. And before she can ever forgive herself. Standing beside Elise’s grave, Siobhan Montrell remembers how her mother finally blew the perfect smoke ring on the day that Elise disappeared. Remembering the day that would change and define her life forever.

    The toddler's body was found in the river near Gables Guesthouse. Only eleven years old at the time, Siobhan has carried the guilt of Elise’s death with her since that day.

    Twenty-eight years later, Siobhan returns to Rachley Island, having inherited Gables -- guesthouse and family home -- from her aunt. Cleaning the property to prepare it for sale, she discovers an old book in which her aunt used to draw and write, revealing the truth about the tragic drowning.