Court of the Grandchildren

Publication Date: 28 Feb. 2021
Format: Paperback
Odyssey Books

ISBN 9781922311146

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    Lily Miyashiro lives much as any twenty-nine-year-old in 2050’s America. Her job is busy, resettling climate refugees from the coastal cities. Then she gets a call. She has family she never knew about. And they want something from her she doesn't want to give. Lily is one of the young—reliant on artificial intelligence and paying the price for the golden age that the old enjoyed. David Moreland is old, and almost forgotten. Until he is drawn into the realm of the Climate Court, and now a whole generation seeks to condemn him. When Lily and David meet, they are forced to confront events from their past they would prefer to forget. Will Lily risk unleashing her hidden demons to save David, or will she make him face the scrutiny of the Court? This future world seems comfortably similar to the present, until hints of sinister differences begin to emerge and the stakes are raised beyond David’s fate. In this stunning debut novel, we see a man from today and a woman from tomorrow. How will she judge him?