Bone War

Series: Eldritch Kid
Publication Date: 1 Jul. 2019
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781922023926

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    The Kid, a gunslinger sworn to Odin the god of death and sorcery, and his partner, Ten Shoes Dancing, the

    Oxford educated Lakota shaman, are drawn into a feud between two paleontologists.

    The eerie severed head of Othniel seeks revenge on his rival, the upstart woman Drinker, who has the bones of a rare dinosaur that would bring any scientist

    fame and fortune. But in a world where the dead can rise, even hundreds of millions of years later, grave robbing monsters is powerful dangerous work. And this particular dinosaur has a secret it took to it’s grave. Gunsmoke, black magic, mad science and terrible Satanic secrets of the Thunder Lizards.