New Covenant, New Glory

Publication Date: 1 Apr. 2011
Format: Paperback
Light the Dark Pty Ltd TAS Wombat Books

ISBN 9781921633447

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    A covenant: an arrangement placed between two parties for the purpose of establishing a relationship between them. So, what has God placed as the basis of our relationship with Him? On what grounds are we accepted and blessed by God? Many Christians are still trying to relate to God on the basis of a covenant that no longer exists! But they no longer need to struggle and labour under condemnation. Under the new covenant, believers are heirs to untold spiritual riches! Yet, being ignorant of our God-given inheritance will mean that, though rich, we will live in spiritual poverty. New Covenant, New Glory will help set you free from old covenant thinking which tries to get you to pay for that which has been freely given to you by grace. The glory of the old covenant was a fading glory. In contrast, the glory of the new covenant gets brighter and brighter. Wherever you might be in your Christian walk, there is still more glory.