Mother's Essential Romance Toolkit

Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781921632020

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    Enjoy life much more with a feeling of comfort, security and excitement within your relationship! If you want more from your relationship then this book is a great start toward making a change! If you've had no time, energy or inclination for romance or if you've found it challenging dealing with some of your partner's habits or it's been difficult being united when it comes to parenting, then now is the time to do something about it before it gets worse! Let's face it; our relationship with our spouse has such a huge impact on the rest of our life, so having a harmonious relationship is extremely beneficial for so many reasons! 'Mother's Essential Romance Toolkit' is designed for busy Mums. It has been written with a simple layout, for quick reference, with achievable tips, tools and activities. This book takes a very real look at challenges you may have within your relationship as a parent, and how to rise above the issues with simple solutions to get the spark back and re-establish a loving connection with your partner. What you will learn: Top 10 typical relationship troubles Top 10 tips to overcome those troubles Top 10 tools to help you nurture love and intimacy Step by step techniques to help overcome your challenges and create love and intimacy in your relationship List of 30 easy activities to do with your partner to help nurture love and intimacy List of 30 Indulgent activities to do with your partner to help nurture love and intimacy List of 20 easy activities for single mothers to help nurture love and intimacy.