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ISBN 9781903776711

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    Any tool which helps people to become 'even better' and 'more consciously competent' in their roles is to be welcomed. So it's not surprising that coaching is now firmly established in schools. And because coaching centres around asking challenging and thought-provoking questions, coaching and reflecting are inextricably linked. Find out how tools such as the 'miracle question' and 'scaling' enable high quality, thoughtful dialogues and how learning to build rapport, to question, listen and give feedback can develop both coach and coachee. Hook, McPhail and Vass also talk you through goal-setting and explain how to develop solution-focused coaching in your own school. There are plenty of real teachers' experiences to inspire you. All this and a ground-breaking chapter on Reflective Practitioner Groups - groups of colleagues using structured formats or 'protocols' to facilitate discussion about teaching and learning.