Creative Manager's Pocketbook

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ISBN 9781870471695

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    According to management guru Peter Drucker, "the enterprise that does not innovate inevitably ages and declines". The Creative Manager's Pocketbook is a treasure-trove of techniques, tools and triggers that will help you produce creative ideas, ensuring business survival and personal growth.The categories include defining creativity, creativity and management, how creative are you, producing creative ideas and selling them. The main part of the book contains 10 ready-to-use techniques with intriguing names such as 'Nyaka', 'Merlin', 'Eureka' and 'Brainfaxing'. In each case, the authors explain what the technique is, in what way it can be used, how to apply it and what materials will be required.Elsewhere, the book discusses different areas that can benefit from innovation (e.g. product development, customer service, efficiency etc) and how to 'sell' new and creative ideas.The numerous exercises, tests and quizzes will keep you involved and help you discover just how creative you are!