All I Want Is an Octopus

Publication Date: 5 Oct. 2021
Format: Hardback

ISBN 9781848867796

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    Persuading your family that you want a pet is never easy, but even more so when it is an octopus! An engaging story with a family situation that many will recognize!

    A lively, rhyming text and animated illustrations with a gorgeous palette make this an entertaining and eye-catching read.--Picture Book Snob

    Pets as you know come in all SHAPES and SIZES.

    The little boy wants a pet, but he doesn't want any regular pet like a dog, which barks all day long and wants to go walkies or a feline friend whom sleeps all day. No, the little boy wants something special, something that goes in the water, something that no one else will have! AN OCTOPUS! The boy goes to Dad first and pitches his idea to him, but Dad replies, a creature like that belongs in the sea. Unhappy with Dad's answer, the little boy goes to Mom explaining my octopus would make you laugh, style your hair and run your bath. The little boy asks his gran who seems to be all for it, saying, He'll roller skate and jump in puddles, play mini golf and give wonderful cuddles. But Gran gets an ORANGUTAN instead!

    All I Want Is an Octopus is sure to become a new family favorite with its diverse range of characters and eye-catching illustrations!