Celebrity Families: The Changing Face of Modern Families

Publication Date: 6 Jan. 2012
Mason Crest

ISBN 9781422215036

Format: Hardback

36.95 36.95 AUD


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Sometimes celebrity families seem to have it all. Whether they actors, famous athletes, major politicians, or royalty, these families usually have money and a glamorous lifestyle. At least that is the perception. In reality, celebrity families have a lot of the same issues other families have, along with a few others. Celebrity families have to deal with constantly living in the public eye, having their every move studied and judged. The non-famous family members have to live in the shadow of their famous parents, children, or siblings, which can often mean being compared to them or having people pretend to be friends just to get close to those family members. The stories in this book tell about a few of these celebrity families and how fame has affected their lives and the lives of their family members.