American Adventure: Boone Shepard # 2

Publication Date: 29 May 2017
Format: Paperback
Bell Frog Books

ISBN 9780994328830

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    This is a true story of bravery and villainy in the Old West. You might have heard the tale, full of conspiracies, pursuits, gunslingers and duels. You might have heard of the secret gold mines, the mind control, the flying saucers and the rock stars. And maybe you heard about the people mixed up in all this, innocents turned heroes, doing their best to save the world. It wasn’t quite that simple. My name is Boone Shepard. This is what really happened. Boone and Promethia are stuck in the year 1883, hiding out in New York City. But soon a fan of Boone's finds them and enlists their help in driving out some bad folks from her Texas hometown. Soon Boone and Promethia are swept up in a conspiracy, trying to do the right thing while they search for a way to get home.