Publication Date: 1 Jun. 2015
Format: Hardback

ISBN 9780980653540

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    In early 2016, a select group of Australian cartoonists and artists were invited to contribute to this Australian themed anthology, to help raise funds for Beyond Blue. This 92 page, hardcover highquality book was NEVER available in bookstores. Besides clearly illustrating what an amazing talent pool of creative artists and cartoonists were working in this medium in Australia around this time, one of the contributors inside the volume went on to win an Award for their work! Glen Lumsden’s contribution (“Kelly’s Revenge”) won him the 2016 Stanley Award for Comic Book Artist from the Australian Cartoonists Association. Rob Feldman’s contribution (a coloured re-working of his Oi Oi Oi! Special Nostalgia Edition) ensured he was a Finalist in the same Award, and both Ian C. Thomas and Dani Vittz’ work were also nominated. The end result? This book is a pleasing array of different art styles and stories that should keep the even the most finicky of comic readers satisfied.