Career Anchors Participant Workbook

ISBN 9780787977597

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    After completing the Career Anchors Self-Assessment (available separately) this Participant Workbook will help take people further. It includes information about career development, a more complete description of the eight Career Anchors categories, and an interview section to help participants analyze their career history and determine their Career Anchor more precisely. The Workbook also includes a new section that enables participants to relate the Career Anchors to their current job and possible future jobs by providing an explaining how to create role maps of current job and conduct job/role analysis of possible future jobs. Order the Participant Workbook today and help your employees, clients, or students find workplace happiness and success (or use it as a self-paced tool for your own development). TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction. Career Development. The 'Internal Career' and Career Anchors. External Career Stages and Career Movement. Development of the Career Anchor in the Internal Career. The Eight Career Anchor Categories. Identifying Career Anchors Through Career History Analysis. Career Planning Interview Questions. Reconciling the Self-Assessment Scores with the History Review. Common Questions. Job/Role Analysis. Analyzing Your Present Job. Analyzing Possible Future Jobs. Job/Role Planning for Future Career Options. Self-Assessment of Future Job/Role Requirements. Developmental Implications and Next Steps. References and Additional Resources.