Bloodsucking Lice and Fleas: Creepy Crawlies

Publication Date: 10 Jan. 2010
Crabtree Publishing Company

ISBN 9780778725053

Format: Paperback

15.95 15.95 AUD


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They feed on us, make their homes on us, and generally make our lives miserable. They are horrible guests, sometimes spreading deadly diseases. These blood-sucking parasites are lice and fleas and they are pests of the first order! This book delves into the tiny world of ectoparasites that prey on humans and animal hosts. Learn how lice and fleas cant live without us and how humans have been battling the itchy critters, often without much success, since the dawn of time. Special sections give information on the plague-producing history of rat fleas and how to combat the scourge of head lice.