Canada in World War 1: Outstanding Victories Create a Nation: Remembering The Great War

Publication Date: 4 Jan. 2014
Crabtree Publishing Company

ISBN 9780778703921

Format: Paperback

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This fascinating book describes Canadas coming of age during World War I on the battlefields and at home. When Britain declared war on Germany, it meant that Canada was at war, too. Most Canadians supported the war, but the government faced opposition about conscription from French-speaking Canadians who did not feel a particular loyalty to Britain. In the air, the incredible feats of Canadian flying ace Billy Bishop made him a hero back home. On the battlefield, Britain came to rely on Canadian soldiers, who had a formidable reputation for taking and holding military objectives when other troops had failed. Find out how the victories of Canadian shock troops in battles at Ypres (where they faced mustard gas poisoning), the Somme, Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, and Passchendaele helped give Canada a presence on the world stage.