Martial Arts Sports Zone: Mixed Martial Arts - Ultimate Fighting Combinations

Publication Date: 1 Jan. 2012
Format: Hardback
Lerner Publishing Group

ISBN 9780761384557

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    Did you know that mixed martial arts (MMA) has been around a long time? Ancient Greeks used pankration, an early MMA form, in battle and in training. In modern times, MMA has exploded into TV, movies, and video games as a combat sport. Competitors mix and match styles of fighting to give them the edge in widely watched MMA contests. Enter the Martial Arts Sports Zone to learn about the history, gear, moves, competitions, and most successful MMA stars. You’ll discover: • What different martial arts make up MMA. • What some of the top MMA moves are, including the roundhouse kick and the armlock. • What the different weight divisions are. • Why Rorion Gracie started the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the largest MMA organization. Are you into sports? Then get in the zone!