So Wrong 3

Publication Date: 1 Apr. 2020
Format: Paperback
Billy Goat Books

ISBN 9780648734413

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    ** So Wrong 2 shortlisted for the 2019 YABBA, KOALA AND CROC Awards**

    So Wrong THREE! 


    As some people never learn, creators Michael Wagner and Wayne Bryant are back with a book that takes wrongness to new heights and depths! Prepare to meet:

    •Betsy the Butt-Slapping Baby

    •a human spleen with a poetic heart 

    •a mysterious stench

    •bullies … sumos … ninjas 

    •and a bored little boy who accidentally starts World War III.

    If you’re seeking a gaggle of giggles, a hive of hilarity or a flock of fun, this is the series for you. Things do not get any more bonkers than So Wrong.