The Law of Entanglement

Publication Date: 17 Sep. 2020
Format: Paperback
Blue Velvet Press

ISBN 9780648082026

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    Seventeen-year-old amateur photographer, Blue-Wren, wants to belong, but no one wants to know you when your mum’s a compulsive hoarder. Her uncle, the town undertaker, is just another nail in the coffin of rejection. A chance encounter with popular Jacob, the boy who ignores her existence, could change all that…

    Jacob, Tatum’s rising athletic star, wants his little brother back. The empty wheelchair in the corner is a constant reminder he’s gone. Jacob isn’t interested in the small town’s smothering pity, or his controlling father’s overbearing expectations. He wants out. But first, he must save Pluto, his brother’s beloved rescue-dog; a symbol of the ‘ghost’ in their lives—a ghost his dad is determined to forget.

    If saving Pluto means friendship with the social-reject, so be it. Only no one can ever find out. What Jacob doesn’t know is that Blue-Wren has secrets too. Big secrets.

    Secrets become lies, become more lies. As they discover more about each other their connection deepens. Both of them secretly long for what no one will ever accept.

    Suspicions are aroused. Bullies rise up. The town is against her.

    Then there’s that unforgivable thing she did. That thing she can’t undo. That thing Jacob will hate her for...

    Will the unravelling of truth tear them apart?

    The Law of Entanglement is a captivating and beautiful coming-of-age love story that will take you on a hopeful journey of discovery.