Who Sleuthed It?

Publication Date: 1 Dec. 2021
Format: Hardback

ISBN 9780645002126

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    Who Sleuthed It? is dedicated to all the animal-loving mystery readers who know their furkids and their feather, fin and tailed ones would definitely help solve all the crimes… ...when not perpetrating them.

    Who Sleuthed It? is an anthology of fabulous tales in which animals help their animal friends, or human sidekicks, solve diabolical crimes and whimsical mysteries. It features 19 riveting stories by a cohort of Australian, Irish and American authors (including a special, short Phryne Fisher mystery).

    Despite appearances, this perplexing collection of mysteries is NOT a children’s book... although it can be read to or by them. Fingers and feelers and paws and wings Solving thrillers and chillers and secretive things...