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STEAM arts and crafts with a green approach that focuses on reusing everyday materials rather than buying new craft supplies. 

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Art Skills Lab

This hands-on art series helps children expand their creativity by showing them how to build art skills, and use tools and techniques across different mediums.

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Digital Makers 

Learn how to create, launch, perfect, and safely share digital works of art, including videos, songs, blogs, and websites

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Science & Other Games

A blast to play, these games demystify intimidating concepts in the sciences and engage the players in a lifelong process of inquiry.  

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Featured in Fiction

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Reluctant/Hi-Lo Readers

What are Hi-Lo readers? 

Hi-Lo (High Interest, Low Reading Level) books are designed specifically for reluctant and struggling readers. These books focus on topics suitable for the readers 'interest' age, but are written at a lower reading level in order to support and encourage their reading journey. Age-appropriate subject matter allows struggling readers to feel that they are reading the same kind of stories as their peers, while reading at a level that helps to build reading fluency, vocabulary, knowledge and interest in reading. 

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Darby Creek

Interest Age 12-18 ; Reading Level Grade 5

Orca Currents

Interest Age 10-14 ; Reading Level Grade 2-5

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